ThinKing October - plastic pump wheels by Werner Bauser GmbH are light and extremely precise



Cutting edge lightweight solutions “made in Baden-Württemberg” - the expert plastic molding specialists at Werner Bauser GmbH based in Wehingen produce plastic pump wheels with an amazing precision to within on hundredth of a millimeter. Leichtbau BW presents this innovative development in its premiere for the ThinKing October.

The precision molding to within one hundredth of a millimeter ensures the optimal rotary performance pf the plastic pump wheels and minimizes wear as well as noise while keeping weight to a minimum. The precision lightweight parts of Werner Bauser GmbH were first implemented in motor oil pumps manufactured by the company Scherzinger in Furtwangen. The specially designed plastic pump components are crafted out of carbon fiber reinforced polyether ether ketone (PEEK).

Less drive power is required for the operational dynamics

By using plastic pump wheels, Werner Bauser has been able to reduce weight by 80% compared to metal products. The weight reduction also lowers the products mass inertia. In comparison to metal parts, the implementation of the plastic gears reduces the energy required by one fifth. The result is that less drive power is required for the operational dynamics – reducing energy consumption. The use of plastic for the pump gears in motor oil pumps is a new development. Only metal components have been used for this application so far. The family owned company Werner Bauser employs around 180 people and is one of the market leaders in the manufacture of plastic gears, worm drives, hybrid gears, pump wheels and other high-tech plastic components.

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