ThinKing March - Lightweight carbon components give the laser cutting machine "STIEFELMEYER effective" unprecedented dynamics and precision



Using electric motors to control the lasers cutting through metal plates requires precise movements down to a hundredth of a millimeter. The ability to deliver such precision is the advantage of the laser cutting machine STIEFELMAYER effective. With incredibly exact movements, the laser zooms across the two dimensional metal plate cutting out nearly any desired form at top speed. This incredible performance is possible due to the lightweight interior components of the machine which include a large number of CFP components in many of the moving parts.

Maximum dynamic performance minimizes production time

Maximum dynamic performance is necessary to produce complex and intricate parts while at the same time minimizing production time. This is achieved by reducing the mass of the moving parts. In the STIEFELMAYER effective, one of the ways this is done is by building the movable Y-axis and its attaching parts in a lightweight carbon manufacturing processes.

The idea of using the CFP approach was developed by STIEFELMAYER out of its need to reduce the weight of the machine. Managing director Dieter Bulling says, CFP was the material of choice. It offers a high rigidity and relatively low heat expansion compared to aluminum. According to Bulling, you will not find any machinery manufacturer that focuses on CFP as much as we do.

Weight of the bridge base construction reduced to 40 kilograms

By implementing CRP materials from the supplier Haufler, the weight of the bridge base construction could be reduced to a mere 40 kilograms. In a similar weight optimized machine made of steel plate, this section would weight about 125 kilograms, and welded steel versions could even weigh more than 150 kilograms.
The lightweight carbon bridge in combination with linear motors and fiber lasers results in a 40% reduction in production time. The low weight of the bridge construction as other secondary effects as well, such as the ability to implement smaller motors.

According to information provided by the company, no other driving technology produced better results than linear motors when it comes to providing the required dynamics and precision. These motors induce direct translational – or straight lined – movement which enables a direct and vibration free movement transfer of energy to the moving machine parts. Together with the lightweight components, the STIEFELMAYER effective machines can laser cut parts to a precision with a tolerance of 0.03 to 0.02 millimeters.

Special focus on 2D metal plate laser cutting

STIEFELMAYER Lasertechnik GmbH & Co. KG in Denkendorf near Stuttgart has a special focus on 2D metal plate laser cutting. Using the highly dynamic Stiefelmayer laser cutting machines, metal plates up to a medium format (2500x1250 mm) are cut into various forms. Using special clamping techniques, prefabricated forms can be further processed as well. The company serves customers primarily from the electric motor manufacturing, textile and electronic sectors.

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