ThinKing January - New electrochemical micro transformation allows for the design of lightweight metal surfaces for specialized applications



Modern multifunctional surfaces open new application fields for lightweight materials and can offer considerable benefits and added value to a wide range of products. The newly developed micro arc oxidation technology (MAO) allows the multifunctional modification of lightweight metals such as aluminum, titanium or magnesium. Surfaces can be designed for their desired functions and the performance of lightweight medal components significantly improved. This allows for new functional and decorative applications – including in mass produced products – with significant reductions in weight, material and costs while maintaining or even improving functionality.

The Development Agency for Lightweighting Baden-Wuerttemberg is presenting this new innovation by AutomoTeam GmbH in Stuttgart as its ThinKing for January 2017. Leichtbau BW GmbH presents this title monthly in order to innovative products and services in the Baden-Württemberg lightweighting sector as a free promotion platform.