Project Groups

Lightweight construction strategy in Baden-Württemberg

As an orientation for small and mid-size companies, the industrial and scientific communities are working together with Leichtbau BW on a strategic roadmap for developing lightweights technology in Baden-Württemberg.

Twelve project groups bring together representatives of the industrial and scientific communities to identify specific high priority fields that are relevant to the entire sector. These project groups work to initiate concrete projects which promote the development of Baden-Württemberg as a leading region for the lightweight technology industry.

The following project groups have been established:

Project group 2: New material systems and development
Project group 3a: Product, functionalization
Project group 3b: Product value, design
Project group 4: Component and process simulation
Project group 5: Hybrid lightweight construction
Project group 5a: Paneling
Project group 5b: Lightweight drive systems
Project group 6: Material characterization, verification technology, standardization
Project group 7: Production, processing, process chains
Project group 8: Life cycle assessment, CO2 & climate balance, recycling

We wish to invite you to participate in the practice group meetings. Please note that the number of attendants is limited. Please send your registration to