Our Mission

The primary goal of Leichtbau BW is to enhance Baden-Württemberg’s competitive edge in the lightweight technology sector and to help create new jobs. Lightweight technology is an enabling technology for both these goals. As a fully state owned company, we support industries and research groups on the way to becoming leaders in the lightweight technology sector.

Leichtbau BW views lightweight technology as a way of uniting revolutionary conceptual, material and constructional principles. This includes an approach which combines hybrid lightweight materials and seeks to use the ideal material in just the right place – all in accordance with the triad of design, process and simulation.

  • Less is more. Design

    Lightweight engineering processes involve completely new planning strategies. Up to 80 percent of the weight as well as the energy and resource requirements that go into a product are determined during the conceptualization and design phase. This new approach aims to use this potential for weight reduction to produce added value for customers.


  • Less is more. Processing

    Production technology will play an increasingly important role in the future. In lightweight construction projects, the development phase must determine which technical production potential is involved in creating a product. New workflows in the construction, design and production phases as well as new innovative methods for product design and other key elements are also of vital importance. In short – lightweight technology revolutionizes several distinct industrial processes.


  • Less is more. Simulation

    Simulation is essential for lightweight construction projects. Lightweighting pushes materials to their limits. Extremely lightweight projects therefore require improved simulations of the load bearing demands. A simulation process implemented throughout the entire value chain can lead to drastically reduced time-to-market, more dynamic and better performing products as well as improved market opportunities for companies.