The Lightweighting Revolution Starts Here

Baden-Württemberg steps up to the challenge

Less is more. Future.

Lightweight technology is vital to the development of tomorrow's industries and societies. The reduction of weight, material and energy will play a central role in maintaining a sustainable and intact world in light of increasing populations and limited resources. All the core principles of lightweight construction center around people and their needs.

Lightweight Technology is an idea that is being applied across several industries and sectors. It includes all the various steps in the production cycle from product conception and design and engineering principles to the development of new materials. The triad of design, process and simulation best describes the range of this potential.

The Development Agency for Lightweighting Baden-Wuerttemberg is a fully state owned and non-profit company whose goal is to unite businesses and researchers to help turn Baden-Württemberg into one of the world's leading locations for lightweight technology and make the German state an attractive region for the lightweight construction sector.

Less is more. Value.