Our Services

Leichtbau BW – the public development agency serving companies and research groups

Leichtbau BW serves to support private companies and research institutions in Baden-Württemberg. True to our motto “Less is more. Value”, we facilitate know-how from Baden-Wuerttemberg and promote innovative potential as well as help to expand academic and commercial training opportunities in the lightweight technology sector. Our mission is to enhance the competitive potential of Baden-Württemberg as a center for innovation.

As a fully state owned company, we serve as a neutral and cross-sector partner for commercial industries, research groups and society at large.

You will also find us in the industry overview "The Lightweight Industry in Germany" by Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI): https://www.gtai.de/GTAI/Content/EN/Invest/_SharedDocs/Downloads/GTAI/Industry-overviews/industry-overview-lightweight-industry-en.pdf?v=2


What can we do for you?

  • Promoting Innovation

    • Participation in exhibitions and international delegations: Raise your corporate profile or recognition of your research by participating in our trade fair presentations and international business trips, both inside and outside of Germany.
    • Informative events: We keep you informed with up to date information on current trends and developments at special events hosted by companies, lobbies and trade associations, giving you an extra advantage through new knowledge.
    • Media and press: We support your public relations and press exposure and help you spread your message.
    • Supporting innovation

      • Strategy and technological planning: We have put together a strategy development process in collaboration with representatives of several industries and research groups from the sector and have initiated specialized project groups in order to compile a comprehensive technology plan. Feel free to join us anytime!
      • Project groups: We work with project groups open to all interested parties in the areas of industry and research in order to open up new research fields and continually develop new concrete projects.
    • Learning Innovation

      Development of an education and training program: We help ensure that there will be enough specialists in the field by supporting the initiation of education and training programs.

    • Value added services

      • Know-how database: Our knowledge map helps you explore the broad range of the lightweight construction know-how in Baden-Württemberg or present your own abilities. The right business partner is only a few clicks away.
      • Scientific studies: Our scientific studies on lightweight innovations offer vital key information such as which lightweight technology markets will play a role in the future and which cost “bottlenecks” allow technological to impact most.
      • Project partner matchmaking: Our matchmaking events introduce you to new potential cooperation partners - over 1,700 companies and more than 230 research institutions belong to our network covering every aspect of the lightweight technology sector. Give us a call and we can help you in your search.

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