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Are you looking for information on lightweight technology, subsidy and financing programs or project partners? Contact us – we are happy to help you or introduce you to the right contact. If you have any questions about the coronovirus due to the current situation, you can get in contact with Ms Martina Deufel.

Bild Dr. Wolfgang Seeliger

Dr. Wolfgang Seeliger MBA

Managing Director

T+49 711 128988-41

M+49 151 11711001

Bild Martina Deufel

Martina Deufel

Controlling & Organization

T+49 711 128988-40

M+49 151 11711003

Bild Michael Zeller

Michael Zeller

Manager Technology Strategy

T+49 711 128988-46

M+49 160 90337164

Caroline Hackler

Caroline Hackler

Manager Technology Strategy

T+49 711 128988-48

M+49 151 65253016

Bild Nadine Stahl

Nadine Stahl

Marketing Manager

T+49 711 128988-45

M+49 151 50603653

Ansprechpartner Konopka

Carina Konopka

Communication Manager

T+49 711 128988-44

M+49 151 11711002