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SAMPE Europe Conference

13.09.2016 - 15.09.2016

Liege / Belgien


Speakers from supply and demand industries, research institutes and universities share information and opinions with you on a number of topics, such as Bio materials, thermoplastics or thermoset applications, automation, Additive Manufacturing,  Structural Health Monitoring, joining, detection, repair and more.

The program consists of a broad range of lectures with the focus on advanced processing and materials engineering like 3D manufacturing, repair and automation as well as materials applications of thermoplastics, bio materials and hybrids. The main markets covered are aero & space, automotive, construction, wind and solar energy.

More than 30 companies involved are presenting their skills in the exhibition area. 6 Excursions  to manufacturing companies Asco Aero, CoExpair, Eurocarbon, Sabca, Sonaca, and R & D Centres like Centre Spatial de Liege and Sirris are part of the program.

Register now at www.sampe-europe.org