ThinKing February – Combining lightweight high-tech materials with bionic design results in a groundbreaking logistics concept



Loading and unloading of transport vehicles can often cost valuable minutes – and of course time is money. With traffic jams becoming commonplace and the traffic in inner cities more crowded new concepts are needed to ensure rapid delivery times.

The German startup CIKONI is making an impressive contribution towards this goal with its lightweight shelves which are featured in the new Vision Van by Mercedes-Benz Vans. The shelves combine high-tech materials with bionic design.

The Development Agency for Lightweighting Baden-Württemberg is presenting this innovation as its ThinKing for February 2017. Leichtbau BW GmbH presents this title each month to provide a free promotion platform to innovative products and services in lightweighting sector of the German Federal State of Baden-Wuerttemberg.