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4th Technology Day Hybrid Lightweighting

30. - 31. May 2017 International Congresscentrum (ICS) at Messe Stuttgart

The Technology Day Hybrid Lightweighting once again lived up to its reputation as the most popular event for hybrid lightweighting in Germany. Around 300 participants attended the event on 30-31 May 2017 in the Messe Stuttgart setting a new visitor record. The first day of conferences and the accompanying trade fair was focused on keynotes and technical sessions dealing with manufacturing technology and production. The second day of the event centered around forging successful new business relationships, particularly for SMEs. 

Leichtbau BW managing director Dr. Wolfgang Seeliger stated at the opening of the conference, "In the future, lightweighting together with digitization and additive manufacturing as well as associations of interconnected producers will become a ‘hub for megatrends’ in industrial development." Lightweighting serves to provide customers with optimal products while a digitized development chain helps make the most out of project developments. The interaction between additive manufacturing and networks of producers is able to optimize product manufacturing processes while lightweighting provides an interface to the next generation of industrial production. According to Seeliger, "all of this simultaneously offers enormous market potential and resource efficiency – which we reflect in the program of the 4th Technology Day Hybrid Lightweighting – with a view towards international markets as well". 

Session Results

Technology Day Hybrid Lightweighting | Results of Session I: Additive Manufacturing – Technological Innovations for Additive Manufacturing:


  • METAKER® Hybrid – Functionality of Composites for Functional, Design and Energy Applications | Eugen Pfeifer, AutomoTeam GmbH: Additive Manufacturing is well on the way to having the potential for serial production applications (small series), however highly complex technological approaches (development efforts) are necessary.
  • Optimal Production of Additive Manufactured Components with the Help of Industrial Computed Tomography | Steffen Hachtel, Hachtel Werkzeugbau GmbH & Co. KG: Additive manufacturing must be understood as an integral part of a process chain (CAX, CAQ, post processing, automated post processing, combination with other manufacturing technologies).
  • Resource Efficiency Following Nature’s Example through Intelligent Lightweight Design for the Production Process of Additive Manufacturing | Marius Bierdel, Fraunhofer EMI: Additive manufacturing requires new thinking in construction, product development processes, efficiencies and business models, etc.


  • Local Carbon Reinforced Additive Manufacturing Components: Automated Design and Production of Hybrid Structures | Dr. Farbod Nazami, CIKONI composites innovation: The ideas and concepts for hybrid lightweighting are not yet fully exploited.
  • Production of New Hybrid Structures through the Combination of Generative Manufacturing and Assembly Injection Molding | Prof. Achim Frick, Aalen University of Applied Sciences: The combination of different materials constantly reveals new questions for researchers.
  • Production Methods and Evaluation of Hybrid Structure Concepts Based on Additive and Conventional Manufacturing Processes | Michel Chamoun, Institute of Vehicle Concepts, DLR e.V.: The combination of new and established technologies, materials and productions procedures enables economic manufacturing of lightweight components.

Technology Day Hybrid Lightweighting | Results of Session II – Production of Hybrid Composites – Innovative Manufacturing Technologies and Production Systems‪:


  • Economical Manufacturing of Hybrid Thermoplastic Composites – A Technology Update | Prof. Frank Henning, Fraunhofer ICT: New thermoplastic manufacturing technologies for fiber composites materials enable development into large scale serial production
  • Conception of an Alternative Manufacturing Concept for the Fully Automatic Production of Hollow Thermoplastic Fiber Composite Structures | Aline Defranceski, J. Schmalz GmbH: The fully automatic production of thermoplastic fiber composite structures puts high demands on gripping technology.
  • Comparison of Point Bonding Concepts to Sandwich Structures in Vehicle Production | Carmen Roider, DLR – Institute of Vehicle Concept: Exemplary bonding concepts for sandwich materials can be transferred to hybrid composites to open up new sustainable solutions in automobile manufacturing.


  • Comparison of IR and UV Laser Based Preparation Methods for Increasing the Strength of Hybrid CFP/Al Bonds | Dieter Meinhad, Institute for Material Research, Aalen University of Applied Sciences: The strength of hybrid CFP/Al single lap joints created with adhesives can be increased by ca. 12% after surface treatment with IR lasers compared to standard solvent based processes.
  • The Efficient Production of Hybrid Components through Reconfigured Production Facilities | Markus Schäfer/Patrick Moll, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) wbk Institute of Production Science: A modular approach offers industries the advantage that a production system for hybrid components can be built from standard machines and controlled via a central base module.
  • New Composite Materials Made of Pure Cellulose for Use in Hybrid Materials | Dr. Johanna Spörl, Institute of Textile Chemistry and Chemical Fibers at the German Institutes for Textile and Fiber Research Denkendorf: The new composite material PURCELL made of pure cellulose can be used as a reinforcing fiber as well as a matrix material and is simultaneously single-source, recyclable and biodegradable.

Technology Day Hybrid Lightweighting | Results of Session III: Material Efficient Production – Economical Solutions in Machinery Manufacturing: ‪


  • Wet-Process in Serial Production – Potential and Technical Limitations in Comparison to RTM | Matthias Graf, Dieffenbacher GmbH Maschinen- und Anlagenbau: Wet-processing offers an economical alternative to high-pressure RTM which in turn offers better potential for functionality.
  • Time and Cost Efficient Process and Product Development for High-Performance Fiber Composite Lightweighting with Wet-Press Technology | Christian Poppe and Julian Fial, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the Institute of Aircraft Design at the University of Stuttgart: Physical understanding of the process is an important prerequisite for a deeper understanding of the technology.
  • Tailored Preform Construction and Production: Innovative Systems Technology in Small Spaces for the Custom Production of UD Materials | Dr. Bettina Schrick/Dr. Stefan Carosella, M & A Dieterle GmbH Machinen- und Apparatebau/Institute of Aircraft Design at the University of Stuttgart: Flexibility in material development is the key to application based component development.


  • CARBONSPINE® - CARBON-REINFORCED EXTRUDED ALUMINUM | Lluis Raurich, engi com Engineering Community SL: The barriers of cost and service obstruct the implementation of CFP. Pultruded CFP products as support for aluminum profiles make an ideal match.
  • Thin-wall Technology in Injection Molding Using Technical Plastics for Applications in Medical, Automobile and Electronic Technology | Wolfgang Isenmann, Hans Fleig GmbH: The unique features of thin-wall injection molding technology allow detailed improvements to production processes.
  • Automatically Manufactured Lightweight Structure Components through In-Situ Polymerization | Claus Wilde, Engel Deutschland GmbH: In-situ polymerization offers an alternative to organo sheet and injection molding.



participants' comments

"An ambitious and very successful event with a superb accompanying trade fair. That makes a really great impression.”" Bernhard Wiedemann, automotive-bw

"Great event. I always appreciate the good discussions with our present and expanding network." Marc Kirchhoff, TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH

"Innovations in lightweighting often need a kick-start. That is where events like the 4th Technology Day Hybrid Lightweighting lead the way." Fabian Giehl, deValu GmbH

"All around a successful event. I am very satisfied. The conference was well attended, the right people were there and there were plenty of opportunities for quality discussions." Dr. Dipl. Ing. Elmar Beeh, DLR Institut für Fahrzeugkonzepte

"Everything went great, we had good discussions with the right people." Korbinian Heim, pohltec metalfoam GmbH

"There were several questions that were asked after our presentation at the session. Several participants came to our stand later for more information. It is definitely worth it to be a presenter and exhibitor at the Technology Day." Eugen Pfeifer, AutomoTeam GmbH

"A very good event for networking." Karl-Heinz Menauer, acp - advanced clean production GmbH

"The changeover between the sessions worked perfectly. The audience was also very open to questions and discussions." Christof Kindervater, Carbon Composites e.V. CC Baden-Württemberg 

"Excellent value for the money in comparison to other events. The quality of the presentations was also very good." Leon Schäfer, TWT GmbH


Exhibitor Information

Exhibitors of 2017

Review Comitee

Dr. Dietrich Birk, VDMA Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V.
Jürgen Bleicher, Kunststoff-Cluster Österreich
Dr. -Ing. Lihe Chen, DEING Technologie GmbH
Leendert den Haan, Hightech Zentrum Aargau AG
Peter Froeschle, ARENA2036 e.V.
Prof. Dr. Götz Gresser, Institut für Textil- und Verfahrenstechnik Denkendorf
Christof Kindervater, Carbon Composites e.V. Baden-Württemberg
Dr. Matthias Konrad, Bayern Innovativ GmbH
Thomas Rettich, TRUMPF GmbH & Co. KG
Dr. Ing Werner Tietz, Dr. Ing. h.c.F. Porsche AG
Prof. Johann Tomforde, TEAMOBILITY GmbH
Dr. Bernhard Wiedemann, automotive-bw
Beate Wittkopp, Steinbeis-Transferzentrum TransferWerk-BW
Wolfgang Wolf, Landesverband der Baden- Württembergischen Industrie e.V.

The growing significance of international markets could be felt at the Technology Day Hybrid Lightweighting as English was for the first time used as an official language of the conference in addition to German. International participants were in attendance from Europe and overseas, including from Japan and the USA. The Chinese province of Liaoning participated as a partner region to highlight its German-Chinese industrial park for machinery manufacturing in Shenyang.

Entrepreneurs and researchers used the conference and accompanying program to present numerous examples of innovation in lightweighting. Steffen Hachtel from Hachtel Werkzeugbau GmbH & Co. KG highlighted the potential for the optimal production of additive manufactured components using industrial computer cosmography. Matthias Graf from Dieffenbacher GmbH Machinen- und Anlagenbau displayed the potential and limitations of wet-processing in comparison to RTM processing. The trade fair showcased a range of developments from startups to large family owned companies such as deValu GmbH, Gaugler & Lutz oHG and Trumpf Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH.

On the event’s second day, Leichtbau BW and its partners celebrated the successful premiere of the new business matching forum which drew more than 130 visitors. The export forum with B2B matching offered small and midsize companies the opportunity to engage in one on one discussions with potential customers, suppliers and technical developers in a "speed dating" format. Several companies including ANDREAS STIHL AG & Co. KG and Prea Ltd. took part. This portion of the event was organized in collaboration with partners from enterprise Europe network and Handwerk International Baden-Württemberg.

Innovative and technology oriented companies in their start-up and growth phases also had the opportunity to convince potential investors of their ideas in 15 minute pitch blocks during the innovation and investment forum. Pitches were presented by CIKONI composites innovation TTI GmbH, pohltec metalfoam GmbH, Smart Composites, TruPhysics GmbH and Renumics GmbH. In addition, the event offered first-hand information on setting up new companies and securing financing for new developments and growth. This part of the Technology Day Hybrid Lightweighting was also featured as part of the CyberOne Roadshow.

The 4th Technology Day Hybrid Lightweighting took place in the ICS International Congress Center Stuttgart and was presented by the Developement Agency for Lightweighting BadenWuerttemberg and its partners. The next Technology Day Hybrid Lightweighting will take place on 25-26 June 2018 in Stuttgart.

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